Refer A Friend / Get Free Service

Get FREE* Internet Service!

What Is Refer-A-Friend & How Does It Work?
Most of our new customers are referrals from existing customers, and you can get free service as a result.

Here are the rules for Wifi Midwest's Refer-A-Friend program:

  1. Refer a new wireless customer to us, get one month of free service when that new customer signs up and is installed. (If you are not currently our customer, your friend MUST provide us with your name and address and we'll mail you a check!)

  2. The new customer MUST mention your name when they are first installed, not the next day or next week, but at the time they are first installed. Failure to do so equals NO money for you. This rule is strict and MUST be followed.

  3. There is NO LIMIT to the number of customers you can refer to us.
    For example: find 12 new customers, get 12 free months!

We do almost no advertising, yet we continue to grow our business quickly.
Why? Because we work to make our customers happy and give them fast service at a great price.

If you like our service, tell your friends. - If not, tell us and we'll do all we can to make you happy!

Want an easy way to tell your friends about us? Fill out this simple form and we'll email them for you with all of the information they will need to sign up and credit you with their referral.

***This does not guarantee service will be available in their area.***
***An installation technician will have to verify availability.***

Let's get started with your friends' address?


Please drag the pin to their exact location.


Please provide the last bits of their contact info.


Thank you for reffering a friend to our services.
A member of the WiFi Midwest team will contact them shortly and if your friend gets service, we will contact you regarding free service.