How To Change Your Home Page

This is really easy!
Whenever you open Internet Explorer, it comes up to your Home Page. As time goes on, you might want to change it so it opens to a different page, like This is very easy to do; just follow these steps:

With Internet Explorer open, click on Tools at the top

Click on Internet Options at the bottom

There's a Home Page box at the top of the General page. In it you'll see the current home page.

Erase what's in that box, and type in your new Home Page, such as

Click Apply at the bottom

Click OK at the bottom

That's it! Now, if you close Internet Explorer and then re-open it, it will come up to the new Home Page you just set.

How to make Internet Explorer open really fast
Instead of putting in a webpage in the Home Page box, type this in:

When you open Internet Explorer, it will open to a blank white page, and then you can go surfing the web much quicker.