Troubleshooting Your Wireless Connection

Sometimes your connection to the internet will just stop, seemingly for no reason. It's usually caused by lightning, static charges in the air, power surges, and if a connector is accidentally knocked out. We have this simple guide for you to use to check out your system before you call us.

Please run down this list before calling us - the problem is often cured with a simple power reset!

First - Check Your Connections:
Make sure all the cables are plugged in. The CAT5 or Network cable should "click" when inserted.

If you just moved your computer, make sure all the cabling is in the right spot and seated properly. Make sure power is turned on to everything.

Second - Restart Your Computer:
We recommend you turn off your computer every night. It clears the memory and frees up resources that will slowly drain away if the machine is left on for days or weeks.

Shut down your computer, unplug your router (if you have one), & unplug the wifi radio at the same time. Wait 15 seconds. Plug the wifi radio back in and wait 30 seconds. Plug your router back in (if you have one) and wait 30 seconds. Restart your computer. Most times this will solve your problem.

If the above doesn't get you back on, call us and we'll help you.
(636) 707-0005