View What Others Look At On Your Computer

Parents: Take Note Of This!
Quite a few of our customers have multiple computers in their homes, one for the parents, and one or more for the kids. Or, a single computer in the living room used by all. Regardless, parents should know how to see what their kids are looking at on the internet. Are they spending too much time in a chat room? Looking at porn, downloading music, or are they doing their homework research as they said? You should know, but how?

The History File
Every website and web page you look at is recorded in the computer's History file. It's a useful file to go back to a previously view page, or, to see what others are looking at. By reading this, you are already using a web browser like Internet Explorer. To see the History file in Internet Explorer, just click on:

  1. Favorites
  2. History
  3. The day of interest, or check them all
You'll be able to see the web address of sites visited, and if any look suspicious, you can go to them and check. If all looks OK, great, and if not, you can take the appropriate action.

Child Pornography Or Other Illegal Websites
Wifi Midwest has a strict policy against child pornography, and should you find any on your computer, you can alert us and we will work with you to resolve the issue.